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Who Are We

At Inspiring Choices 4 Kids, we’re dedicated to providing children and families with timely, comprehensive, and well-integrated intervention support. Grounded in a family-centered, best-practice framework, our allied health practitioners strive to foster inclusion, a sense of belonging, and enhanced participation, enabling children to flourish.

We believe in inspiring a paradigm shift in our clients, guiding them toward life-long health through the power of natural principles. Our holistic approach integrates conventional and regenerative medicine, emphasising the treatment of the whole person—body, mind/emotions, and spirit. Backed by the latest scientific research, technology, and innovative techniques, our practitioners adopt a patient-centered, holistic outlook, recognising that illness can stem from various imbalances, including structural, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual factors, which may manifest in physical symptoms.

Our Clients

We assist people of all all abilities & in particular, children during their crucial developmental stages, fostering creativity and joy throughout their early years. Our clientele seeks innovative methods, reaching out to us to explore new strategies and to witness their progress within a condensed 16 week program, rather than the conventional bi-weekly approach.

Our Facility

Join our vibrant team situated across two units in the conveniently accessible area of Robina. Our clinic boasts a distinct layout with private treatment rooms and an expansive therapy space. We take pride in staying at the forefront of technology and techniques, providing you with opportunities to enhance your skills and utilise our resources safely and proficiently.

How it started

Founded by functional chiropractor Dr Reza Samvat

“My journey in health began in my final year of chiropractic education when I discovered that I had been suffering from Dyslexia for 20 years due to a Traumatic Brain Injury. All the techniques and modalities I acquired were initially aimed at my own recovery from dyslexia and TBI. The profound positive impact of these therapies on my life inspired me to share my story with everyone. Thus, I established an integrative approach in collaboration with a dedicated team of allied health professionals to reach out and assist both children and adults who may benefit from our services”

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